Sword Seven

I am in the water. I am being swept along in a strong current. I am drowning. I am sinking. I am too disorientated to swim. Will this be the end of me?

What will stop you from drowning?

Sometimes life just picks us up out of our routine and plunges us into the unexpected, knocking us for six. We wake up in a mealstrom of emotions, alone with our fear. And all we can do at that point is stop struggling – fighting what is will just exhaust us and we are more likely to drown. We need to navigate the currents and grab onto the only solid thing that floats and hold on. Eventually we will wash up on shore, cleansed and ready for a new life.

What solid thing do you have to hold on to?

We all have to learn who we truly are, stripped of all our defenses and masks. The process is painful, and we look for something to hold on to. It is no use fleeing into some distraction that only holds the illusion of safety. Our true roots lie in faithful practice of gratitude and communion with the Ancestors. And through it all, the Lady shows us the true path through our body’s deep knowing.

What is the wisdom of your body and your family?

This is not the time to think up schemes that will save us. This is a time of surrender and of finding safe ground.

Sword Seven, like all sevens, belongs to the Fruit Moon.

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