Sword Two

Holding on so tight. Holding it all in. Because if I let go, the viper will strike, battle will be joined, and I will get lost in the dark forest. So I hold the balance, keep the peace, stay silent.

What are you hanging on to?

Stop holding on so tightly. Stop living in the illusion that you can separate the light in you from the dark. Our anger is part of our power, as is our desire. Our live is strong enough to combine with our rage. All of it belongs to us. All of it has to dance together in a passionate Dance of Life. Otherwise there is only deadness in our heart. A deadness that we cannot hold. So let go. Let the dance begin!

What will happen if you let go?

Sword Two gives us an opportunity to look at the way we protect ourselves and ask if we do it well. If we have built our wall too high, we can feel isolated and cold. Yet facing our emotions and the demons of our mind can be a real challenge. It can feel like a clash of titans. But it will lead us on a new journey towards the home of our fulfillment, where we will celebrate new growth and a plentiful harvest.

How do you protect yourself?

Holding the balance between conflicting ideas is and uncomfortable position to be in. Why do we see two parts of ourselves as contradictory and mutually exclusive? Allow them to communicate and let the sparks fly!

Sword Two, like all Twos, is associated with the Root Moon.

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