V Taliesin

Taliesin is the ancestral shaman. By journeying to the Otherworld, where all times and places are one, he remembers all things. He has been all things and hands on his knowledge to the next generation.

What wisdom have you inherited?

He has entered deeply into Nature, into the many shapes of existence, and carries the memory of them all. In song and stories, he passes those memories on to us. His gift is to show us our own gateways between the worlds. He hands down sources of inspiration to each of us. He encourages us to trust and act on our own vision.

What have you been?

Taliesin holds the tension between this world and the Other. His deep knowledge of Nature holds his people together, and connected to the Land. He knows the pain of the Land, and the right ways to heal it. We can become Taliesin if we have the Druidic knowledge of Justice, and if we follow our soul’s guidance to cross over from sorrow into joy. When we have followed our soul’s longing, and have begun to answer it, we become Taliesin for our people.

What connects you to your land and people?

Taliesin represents the traditions and knowledge that we need to function in our culture. He embodies the spiritual teachings of our heritage. He hands on religious traditions and a sense of belonging to a tribe.

Taliesin and the Grail Knight belong to the Fruit Moon.

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  1. Celestial Elf said,

    14 September, 2011 @ 6:07 pm

    Wonderful Post :D
    I thought that you might like my
    Taliesin’s Battle Of The Trees machinima film,
    Bright Blessings By Stone and Star,
    Celestial Elf ~

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