VI The White Hart

The White Hart is about deciding to follow our heart’s desire. When we choose to act on what we love, we have to live with the consequences of those choices. But if we act on our heart’s desire, we make choices that are right for us and the world conspires to support us. If we act on love, love will come to us.

What do you love?

The Hart calls us to follow our wild nature. He challenges us to stay open to his subtle guidance, even when we feel vulnerable. Then he can help us every step of the way. His chain marks him as a servant of Sovereignty.

Do you choose to be open?

The White Hart presents us with the choice to follow our heart’s longing. His gift is the courage to give up control over every aspect of our lives. We can manifest his love by giving ourselves what we need. But the choice is urgent: it is time to wake up and commit to our choice. The we will find sovereignty in the use of our gifts for the good of all.

Do you have the courage to let go?

This card draws people into a deeper journey towards what they love. It challenges us to go deep and face inner challenges. Always the choice remains to be open or to refuse. And always the promise of love remains to support our hunt of the soul.

The White Hart and the Spear Maiden are related to the Wedding Moon.

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