VII Prydwen

Prydwen is Arthur’s ship in which he sailed to Annwn, the Underworld, to quest for the Hallows. Though many went with him, only seven returned. Prydwen is the power that keeps us going through dangers on our sacred quest.

What bears you up on the deep seas?

The deep feelings, the unconscious urgings that toss us around, that scare us and pull at us at the same time, can be navigated. Fighting them is no good, the storm will only become more violent, the monster will only fight back. For each of us there is a way to find balance in such a situation, guided by what we love.

What allows you to steer the ship through the storm?

Choose whether you will accompany Arthur on his adventure or not. Choose if you will trust the ship to bear you up. Choose if you will fight the dark issues in your life or sail along with them. If you choose the adventure and trust the images of your dreams, Prydwen will bring you to the power and inspiration you long for.

Do you choose the familiar or the adventurous?

Prydwen bears people through the wild waters that hide the monster. If we wish to be whole, we each must face that journey. It is not done by willpower, but by courage to choose the adventure. The journey can be made easier, when you keep your heart open to spiritual support and guidance.

Prydwen and the Sword Queen are related to the Leaf Moon.

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