VIII Gawain

He revealed himself to me as the force that causes things to grow, the deep greenness in the growing grass. I can feel him rising in my body. He is the gentle and inexorable force of Life that greets my eyes in spring.

Can you feel him?

Gawain reminds us of our power. He reminds us that power can be gentle yet strong. It is power aligned with the Land and with our soul’s purpose. His sword directs that power towards a purpose. His shield show the Elements that make up the power in the land and make him strong. He is the hawk of May, the soaring power of the waxing year, growing in power with the Sun. He defends the pass into the heart of the Sacred Land.

Are you strong?

Power comes from alignment with the Land and the purpose of our own souls. It is commitment to the quest, even if the path is an uphill struggle. We can find our strength by identifying with the ground of your existence: our true dream. We can embody our strength by sharing it generously with all our relations.

What is your true dream?

Gawain is the force of life that flows through all of Nature in cycles. When we are in touch with the ground of our existence, this power flows through us. Gawain shows us how to find that power and use it with courtesy, compassion, generosity, and self-discipline.

Gawain shows his gentle strength at the Spring Equinox.

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