X The Round Table

Being in alignment with the power of the Lowerworld and the inspiration of the Upperworld. Or being surprised by those forces. Keeping in touch with our sources of power and inspiration, so that we can manifest them in this world.

Where is your centre?

The Round Table lets power and inspiration flow into the lives of people. If we are aligned with our sources of power and inspiration, this is a blessing. If not, the flow can be unsettling, or may seem to run dry. We must get to know the sources of our gifts, and honour them.

What do you see in the hawk’s eye?

The Round Table fulfils the promise of the awakening of our Land, and the threat of its sleeping. The gift of the Round Table is abundance flowing through us and our Land. We can embody its energy by gathering our powers and aiming them at a single point.
If we keep our soul’s alignment, we will enter our safe abode and be ready to answer the call of the Beloved. But staying in alignment is a difficult task that is accomplished in the doing.

How do you hold your sacred centre?

The tides change. Power waxes and wanes. Inspiration flows and dries. We shift ourselves to stay aligned with the cycle, while always staying faithful to the practices that connect us to the sources of power and inspiration.

The Round Table, together with the Spear Knight, are associated with the Flower Moon.

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