XI Sovereignty

The Lady Sovereignty is the spirit of the Land. She rules over all that is sacred in Nature and its cycles, but also over all that is sacred in our lives. If we serve her in our own lives, healing will come to our relationships, our communities, our countries and our world.

What do you hold sacred?

Sovereignty blesses all who dedicate themselves to the protection of what is powerful and sacred. She gives them the gifts of refreshment, empowerment and forgetfulness. She has one demand: that you know your own truth.

Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.

Sovereignty is the Goddess who empowers the Land and all that lives upon it. Her gift is passionate action on behalf of what is sacred. We can embody her energy by celebrating the abundant gifts of the Land.
Honouring her also involves honouring the tradition and ancestry of the Land, and working for balance between the Land and the people. In the still place you will find what is sacred. Do what must be done to protect it.

What can you do to protect what is sacred?

Sovereignty is the balance in the Land, in our relationships and in ourselves. She requires true honesty, so that balance can be restored. She upholds fairness and justice in the Land.

Sovereignty is the power of the Land at May Day. She is Brigantia.

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