XII The Wounded King

He has suffered everything for his Land. He has a deep connection with the life-force that lives within the Land. And as the waters dry, he suffers. He is attuned to the cycles of life and goes within when life fades.

How do you attune to the cycles of life?

The Wounded King is the power of growth in the Land who fought to defend is realm but was wounded. He is wounded by all things that are limiting, indifferent, discordant and alien to joy. He will now take ship to the Otherworld, from whence he will mediate power and inspiration to this world. That way his wounds can be healed until he is ready to come again, reborn.

What must you do to bring freedom, desire, harmony and belonging into your life, so joy can come?

The Wounded King is the power of the Land that has been wounded by limitation. His gift is communication between the worlds. We can embody his energy by following our star of hope.
Healing can’t come if you ignore the wounds. When we embrace what has been wounded, the waters of power will flow again.

What vulnerable part of you is crying to be embraced?

This King helps us to see our pain as a gift. Our wounds are where we carry our energy. If we accept and embrace them, that energy can flow freely again. This is a reversal of common attitudes.

The Wounded King takes on the woundedness of the world at the Autumn Equinox.

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