XIV The Cauldron

The Nine Keepers mix the stuff of life, the things that nurture us, challenge us, and make us rejoice. Their steady mixing balances our lives and gives us health and power.

Is your life a good mix of work and play?

The Ladies ask us to open our senses, to listen, see, smell and feel. Standing in our life and using our senses, we can become present to our life. It will tell us what we need to feel nurtured, what our life is hungry for. It will show us our sacred task: to breathe, to stirrup the ingredients of our life, to stoke the fires of passion. And we must always remember: we only have this privilege because of the generosity of the Land.

What do you hear, smell, see, feel?

Often, the things that nurture us are the things that nurture others. What gives us greatest joy is the thing with which we serve our people and our Land. In the Cauldron, we cook the gifts of our lives and of our Land. And when we have tended it well, it can feed our people and our Land. To be nurtured, we must nurture. To be balanced, we must balance. To be strong, we must strengthen.

How do you serve?

The Cauldron gives the strength to stay calm, to find a balanced middle way through the chaos of life. It shows us how to meet outer circumstances with the strength of our inner values.

The Cauldron and the Grail Queen are associated with the Harvest Moon.

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