XIX The Sun

We knew that something was missing, and now it is back. We have found the part of us that is young and full of creativity. Our life is shining in the light of our own inner Sun. We have come out from behind the cloud and shine!

Where is your shining self?

Shining like the Sun is something we can do if we surrender fully to the moment. Stop holding back. Feel that you don’t finish at our skin, that the air does not stop where you begin. Be transparent. Expanding our awareness that way will make us part of all that is, and we will come home to the place where we belong. We are part of the landscape. There is no destination, just the ride.

Do you let life in?

The Sun is the answer to the challenge to live fully. In order to do so, we must bring our shadow into the light to be healed. Then our inner defenses can be broken open and we can be strong because we have found our inner sovereignty. Then the Child of Promise will return and our creativity will flow. We keep the Sun shining by opening our senses and keeping our code of honour, our heart rules.

What is hiding in your shadow?

This is a time of happiness, of positive and creative energy. It is time to dance. Everything is clear and full of colour. The Mabon has returned.

Together with the Grail Maiden, the Sun is connected to the Surrender Moon.

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