XV The Green Knight

The challenge of the Green Knight is simple: live fully or he will cut off your head. Every day, every moment, that you fail to live passionately, you lose your life. So cut through what blocks you and live.

Are you alive?

The Green Knight reveals our blind spot on our journey through life. He shows us what it is we find hardest to do, yet our souls long for it. He demands full commitment to our soul’s calling, because denying our soul equals loss of life. Th green Knight cuts off our head every time we fail to live our longing. He has known our soul from the beginning and he is our teacher.

What is you life’s challenge?

When the Green Knight sends you out on an adventure, there is no more hesitating. It is clear it is now a matter of life and death. He shows us clearly what path to take. He knows us better than we know ourselves and shows us what will give us life. He challenges us to cut through the illusion that achieving our desire is impossible. He challenges us to be true to the potential at our heart.

What path do you need to take?

Cutting the ties that chain us to illusion is the challenge of the Green Knight. The things that hold us back from living passionately are often illusions that we can step away from. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

The Green Knight, as well as the Spear Queen, are associated with the Maturing Moon.

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