XVI The Spiral Tower

The Tower represents the moment when all pretence is stripped away. Something shocks the system and suddenly nothing is the same. The tough outer shell is ripped away and what is left is shocked to the core. Can it find the courage to shine?

What masks no longer serve you?

The Spiral Tower challenges the walls we hide behind. It shows us the naked truth about ourselves. And that truth is always more glorious than we expect. We can choose how we react to sudden shocks: crumble with the walls or shine the inner light.

When all pretence falls away, who are you?

The Spiral Tower brings great healing. It lifts us out of the stagnation of our lives. It liberates us from old patterns that have become a prison. If we are in control of our mind and can let ourselves ride the change without fighting it, the Tower is a gift of refreshing water after a long journey. The real challenge of the Tower is to be prepared to let go of what has kept us safe. If we hold on to those things, we allow our prison to stand.

What imprisons you?

During the week I worked with this card, terrorists attacked the London transport system. Our false sense of security was shattered. But perhaps the event will liberate our courage and our will to stand up for what we value.

The Spiral Tower and the Stone Queen are associated with the Seed Moon. See also The Price of Freedom on this blog.

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