XVII The Star

New beginnings. A little light in the long darkness. A ray of hope. A promise that the light will return. A flash of inspiration. The Child of Promise will come again.

What refreshes you?

The Star is a blazing light that makes me aware of something new beginning. It is the power of the dragon that can change your life. The trick is not to grab on to it or try to hold it. Just sit by the warmth of the fire and allow the light to grow as a seed within you, melting the tightness in your limbs. Awaken to the flash of inspiration and allow it space to change you.

Do you believe in the power of the light to change your life?

The Star is a place of rest where we can see our own power. We are given the time to contemplate our own victories and we become aware that something new is beginning: we can live without fighting. We can be who we are. Because the defences we put up ourselves become our prison. Our true defence is who we truly are: a Star in the Night Sky.

Can you see your own power?

You warm your chill bones by the fire and feel refreshed. A new hope fires you and gives you bright prospects. You are now at ease, trusting that the future is bright. Something new has begun.

The Star and the Sword Maiden are related to the Maiden Moon.

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