XVIII The Moon

All that we create first exists in the Otherworld: we have to imagine it before it can be born. The Moon stimulates our vision, our imagination and our intuition with her silver light. She inspires us with visions of what can be.

What lives in your imagination?

The Moon invites us to be open to the torrent of information that flows towards us from the Otherworld, the realm of Inspiration. This stream is constant and strong, but it is only useful to us when we open up to it, when we let the current take us. Refusing to stand in the stream and not allowing it to move us, cuts us off from our nourishment and leaves our spiritual lives, our creativity and our daily living dry and barren.

Are you open?

This card shows us a choice that everyone must make: to stay with what is familiar or to explore the new. Staying can feel like death, but so can following a dream written only in Moonlight. But the Moon, however changeable, is a steady guide whose light we can follow, and who shows us our soul’s nurture when her light reflects upon the water. By living in our senses, we can open up to her so she can wash our wounds and bring us strength to achieve our vision.

What do you choose?

The Moon gives us the gifts of intuition, dreams and imagination. Following and embracing these messages enriches our lives. All potential rests with her, until it is time for it to be born.

The Moon and the Stone Maiden are associated with the Crone Moon.

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