XXI The Flowering of Logres

Bliss. Everything is flowing smoothly. The world is greening. The creative juices are flowing, and everything has fallen into place. There is a feeling of unity. A feeling of expansion. All is one. We are at one with the world.

Where is your bliss?

Flowering is dancing to the heartbeat of the Land. And the rhythm of the heartbeat can be found in any place,, at any time. Even when life fells painful, we can hear the beat if we care to sit still long enough to listen and to feel.
The Flowering of Logres reminds people that they are part of the Earth, part of the World. It reminds them that the Joy of the world is their joy, the springtime of the Land is their springtime. People who dance to the rhythm of Her heartbeat, are Her dance. All is One.

Can you feel the heartbeat of the Land?

Flowering happens when you let the flow of life carry you. The gift of the Flowering is the joy to be found in every step on the path. We embody the Flowering by answering the call of our passion. Answer the call with your whole being, the wounded as well as the skilled. If all of you doesn’t answer, there is no dance.

Which part of you must you embrace?

One person flowering in all their talents is the flowering of the Land and all its creatures. We can experience the Unity of all things in everything we do, feel and say. And we can experience it at any point on the Wheel of Life.

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  1. Jay said,

    17 September, 2009 @ 12:00 am

    I recently purchased the artharian tarot, and i love it. but i had a question, do traditional tarot cards contain both major arcana, and minor arcana? or just major arcana?

  2. hilde said,

    18 September, 2009 @ 2:41 pm

    Hi Jay,
    I’m not sure how many cards there used to be in the very oldest tarot decks like the Visconti-Sforza (15th century), or whether they had minor arcana. What I do know is that before the Raider-Waite tarot (early 20th century), the minor arcana were a lot like playing cards: arrangements of swords, coins etc, without scenic pictures. This is the case in the Tarot the Marseilles (18th century), for example. The scenes in the minor arcana are a Raider-Waite innovation.
    I hope that helps.

  3. tarot reading said,

    21 September, 2013 @ 12:15 pm

    Wow there is so much for me to learn still in card reading.
    Where is the most info filled location on the internet to get more info to get better at actually card reading?
    Jason Morgan

  4. hilde said,

    21 September, 2013 @ 12:40 pm

    Hi Jason,
    Actual card reading is really something you learn by doing. Practice by reading for yourself, for close friends, or situations from the daily news. Draw a card a day and see how it plays through your day.
    This is how I came to the descriptions in this section of the web site:
    1) A simple first impression from the picture.
    2) A visualisation, going ‘into’ the card in my imagination and interacting with whoever I found there.
    3) A tarot card reading asking for teaching about the card I was working with.
    I actually took 78 weeks, one week for each card in the Tarot, to go through this process. You could do something similar, or whatever seems meaningful to you. After 78 weeks, you will know your cards really well.
    Any resources from Mary Greer are also very helpful: http://marygreer.wordpress.com/

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