XX The Sleeping Lord

He lies and sleeps under the hills. He is the spirit of the Land turned inward, gone quiet and secret. As he sleeps, only the very skilled listener can hear his breathing. He awaits our trumpet call. He awaits the time when he is called to life again.

What is asleep in you?

The Sleeping Lord is our own power waiting for us to call it and awaken it. It is time to accept the power we admire as our own and make the call. We can call on our power if we are in great need, but also if we stand in the joy of life and know that we are meant to truly live. This sends out a trumpet call that awakens our soul’s power and the spirits that support it.

What is your trumpet call of joy?

The Sleeping Lord is the power of the Land being awakened. His gift is awareness of great need and our decision to act on it. We must give of ourselves if we wish to serve, but not in a painful, forced way. We can trust and let our gifts wake up with our joy.

What need do you perceive?

If you are capable of making your trumpet call of joy,. you have already changed. You have found what calls to you and to your great need. A new life now opens before you.

The Sleeping Lord awakens at Midwinter.

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