Blessing the Waters of the World

It’s amazing, you know,” Amanda said. “This water. It flows all the way from here to the Thames and into the sea. And it mixes with the ocean. And then it becomes clouds and it rains down back here.”

“Yes!” I enthused. “And you drink it and pee it back out again. We’re part of it.”

“All those water molecules have been around for ages,” Amanda added. “Some of them have been dinosaur pee.”

We were standing in a sacred circle, five Druids giggling together, on Saturday 15th March. All around the world, thousands of people were doing something similar on the same day. And the five of us had all played a part in making that happen. It made me feel proud and humble at the same time.

The purpose of our rite was to protect and heal the waters of the world from fracking. This extreme fossil fuel extraction has already caused damage to waterways across the world. And the UK government is intent on bringing it to this country. We need to do all we can to redress the damage and stop it spreading even further.

The central act of the ritual, the one thing all the events across the world had in common, was to put a sprig of a native plant into some flowing water or the outgoing tide. We used twigs, leaves and berries that Jan had collected in a bowl. We passed the bowl around our circle and added our prayers and blessings. Then we set a rain of oak, rowan, ash and mistletoe floating down the babbling brook to the sea. There it is mixing with all the other blessings, making our collective protection and healing go all around the Mother Earth through the water.

The great cycle of water connects all living things on this planet, through space and time. Water reflection by Yuma Hori

The great cycle of water connects all living things on this planet, through space and time. Water reflection by Yuma Hori

In our sacred circle, we talked of our fears and hopes for the future. We shared food and stories of our lives. The sun joined us in a celebration of early Spring, sparkling on the flowing water. Our love for each other, of those five and the others that are part of our active group, carried us through this ritual. And it supports us as we dive from one adventure into another.

The next day, I looked through the photographs people had posted on the Waters of the Worlds event page. So much beauty and healing, from nearby and very far away. We were all united in our love for the natural world, and by the miracle of water that flows through it all. And that love now flows into the oceans to return to us with the rain. It is a connection through space and time on this planet: from the stuff that comes out of our taps to dinosaur pee from long ago.

Through events like this, The Warrior’s Call is becoming an international pagan anti-fracking network. If you would like to find like-minded people in your area, and keep up with news of similar world-wide events in the future, come and join us on Facebook. Make connections with people, and before you know it you will have a tribe that will support you in your own work to stop the drills.

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  1. Tom Brisson said,

    24 March, 2014 @ 2:16 pm

    I continue to be stunned that people don’t see these connections. I was mystified by water when I was a child, letting it run through my fingers and wondering where else it had been and where it would go…and realizing there is nothing else like it. That wonder about water has never gone away.

  2. hilde said,

    24 March, 2014 @ 2:34 pm

    Thank you for sharing, Tom.
    We are all so intimately interrelated. But so many of us don’t want to know, because knowing would lead to caring, and caring would demand change. And there’s nothing people hate more than change.

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