How to burrow through the blocks

So you have found a cause that you are truly passionate about. You may have found a tribe of people who share your concern and your passion, online or in real life. You have even identified something you would love to do for your cause. But it is still hard for you to commit to taking practical action.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Our lives are so full these days. You may have a job that demands long hours and endless energy. You may have young children who need a lot of your time. You may not be in the best of health. Or all three. Feeling guilty about not being superhuman is no use to anyone, least of all yourself.

It may be that, for the time being, the best thing you can do for this world is raise your children to be resilient, big-hearted human beings. Or to take care of yourself and get better. Only you can know this. If your heart has peace with that, and you feel it is the right thing to do, go for it.

But if you feel dissatisfied, and just don’t see how you can possibly make the next step, try this exercise. It may help you burrow past the blocks.

First, take a week or so to notice the block that comes up most frequently for you. When you see posts about your chosen cause on Facebook, or hear something on the news, what is your reaction? I wish I could do something, but——-. What fills the blank most frequently?

Break through your limits and fly free.

Break through your limits and fly free.

Depending on the kind of block you face, you may want to call on a friend who is not personally involved to help you brainstorm some solutions. You aren’t going to suddenly find money to give up your job entirely and live for the cause. Neither are your children going to become independent overnight. But between you, you may well be able to come up with some creative ideas to give you some extra free time, or some extra courage.

Out of your list of solutions, pick two. One that you can do right now, and one that may take you until next week. With the support of your friend, do the first thing right away. This may be something like making a phone call or going for a walk.

And finally, commit to your friend, and ideally to two more witnesses, people you respect and trust, to do the other thing by a set time. Such a commitment will help to get you moving.

Once you have started taking practical steps to start working around your big block, take some time for a small ritual. You can use your hearth fire, a candle in a bowl, or a safely contained fire outside. Write your block on a piece of paper.

Bring to mind all that you love, all that is sacred to you, all that is crucially important. Really feel how these things expand you and give you courage to take a stand.

Then take out the piece of paper with your block written on it. Set it alight in your fire, and as it burns, feel it lifting away from you. Give thanks to all beings how support you in this.

Make sure that you keep taking small actions to help you dissolve your block. Start doing little things for your chosen cause as well. Get the support you need from your friend and your witnesses. And watch the blocks melt and your involvement grow as you find your tribe and your motivation.

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  1. Katie Bainbridge said,

    7 April, 2014 @ 5:35 pm

    Beautiful. Thank you! xxxxxxxxx

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