Imbolc blessings and frustrations

New Root Moon

Imbolc is such a beautiful time of year. I’m cheering on the snow drops beginning to open their petals in the garden. I relish the clarity of the sunshine, on days when we are so blessed. The air is full of the promise of Spring.

But at the same time, Winter is still firmly here as well. The temperatures are staying very low, and we’re getting cold rain, sleet, and snow. Spring is promised, but not yet here.

My life is mirroring the weather, these days. We are here at Westacre, and every morning promises the beginning of our new life. But we’re not quite there yet. We’re still working hard on Roger’s bungalow, and sometimes it feels like it will never end.

I celebrated Imbolc with my spiritual family this year. It was an honour to witness our maturity as our organisation’s structure needs to change and we need to take responsibility for all of what we do together. But what really made my heart sing was being able to share ritual with my people.

Snowdrops from

Snowdrops from

The shared festival reminded me of my dream, of what I believe I am here for. It is my calling to make rituals that connect people to the spirits of their place and their time. To weave the magic of connection. And there I was, for a few days, doing just that. I felt more relaxed than I had for ages, and I felt inspired to dive back into the bungalow work.

But returning was harder than I had expected. I still get enthusiastic about Golden Goose and Frapuccino paint, and even Manhattan Grey tiling grout, but I am getting impatient. As long as we are pushing to get the bungalow habitable, I don’t have time or head space for my own projects.

During those sunny days last week I would have loved to have started digging in the Westacre vegetable patch. And I am dying to deepen my connections to the Guardian Oak, the Grandmother Apple, and the drifts of snow drops. But it has to wait. After all this time, it still has to wait. And I’m getting a touch frustrated.

Today was a day off. Just being able to relax and read does do me good. What I really need to do, though, is reach out to my community and get some moral support when times are tough. Trouble is that I tend to shut down and find it even harder to pick up a phone when I’m not my best positive self.

So, feeling like a snowdrop, not quite yet open in the grey and wet, I hold on despite the cold weather and know, for sure, that the Spring will come. It will come, and all will be well.

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