Co-creating with the rain

Waning Seed Moon

It certainly has rained a lot, recently. Over Christmas, parts of the country were flooded, with dire consequences for a lot of people. Everywhere else was waterlogged. Even the Westacre garden, which has well draining soil and is relatively high on a slope, was squishy underfoot.

The weather put paid to another one of my ideas of how things would go when we moved here. I planned to start digging in the garden immediately, clearing the rather neglected vegetable beds for the coming growing season. But that wasn’t an option just a few days ago.

The wet weather has been disastrous across the country. From flooded out homes to crops that couldn’t be harvested, the rain was causing a lot of damage.

Flooded field by Harvey Robinson

Flooded field by Harvey Robinson

Instead of getting frustrated with the weather, I decided to speak with the spirit of the land and of the rain. I wanted some guidance about how I could connect with the rain with respect and with a positive attitude. Extreme weather is going to be part of our lives. It’s not going away. So we need to find ways to work with the weather gods rather than against them.

The result was rather surprising. The spirit of the soil told me she was rather enjoying this mud bath. She said she is still recovering from the drought of the last few years and is drinking deeply of the nurturing rains.

I asked how I could work with the spirit of the rain. She came as a lady in transparent white. She said I need to feel the wet weather and receive it with gratitude. Eventually, it would stop raining, and I need to be ready for it, ready to do the work on the land. She also asked me to appreciate water wherever I encounter it.

For about a week now, I have been doing exactly this. As it continued raining, I received its cleansing quality with gratitude. And I have used water consciously and with appreciation. After just a few days of that, it stopped raining so much. The weather forecast for the next ten days only has two days with some light rain. The rest is mercifully dry.

If it stays that way, I’ll soon be able to do some work in the Westacre garden. I am looking forward to getting to know the spirits of the vegetable patch.


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