Tarot Intro

The Tarot is a book of wisdom. Each card is a chapter in the book, a door to wisdom and knowledge of every kind. Arranged around the Wheel of Life, the cards can become treasure chests of memory and learning. The Tarot cards are my guides around the Wheel of Life. They are gateways into meditation, where I meet Spirit and Deity. Laying out the cards in a spread for divination brings back memories of those journeys that are now messages for my life.

The deck I use most, and that has become most closely related to my Journeys around the Wheel of Life, is the Arthurian Tarot by CaitlĂ­n and John Matthews. It is based on Arthurian legend, both the famous mediaeval version of the story, and older Celtic tales. The Arthurian Tarot has a structure of its own that makes it easy to arrange around the Wheel of the Year to create my personal mythology and source of inspiration and spiritual support.

These pages are the story of very personal journeys and meditations with the cards. My intention was to familiarise myself with them more closely in preparation for reading for other people as part of my shamanic practice. But it soon became obvious that the images were speaking directly to my soul.

Each article is the result of those meditations. At the end I include a series of links to related cards and their associated Times and Tides on the Wheel of Life.

Reading the card entries in the order I posted them, will take you around the Wheel of Life three times. The following links will make it easier for you to find them.

Major Arcana
0 The Seeker
I Merlin
II The Lady of the Lake
III Guinevere
IV Arthur
V Taliesin
VI The White Hart
VII Prydwen
VIII Gawain
IX The Grail Hermit
X The Round Table
XI Sovereignty
XII The Wounded King
XIII The Washer at the Ford
XIV The Cauldron
XV The Green Kight
XVI The Spiral Tower
XVII The Star
XVIII The Moon
XIX The Sun
XX The Sleeping Lord
XXI The Flowering of Logres

Sword Hallow
Sword Two
Sword Three
Sword Four
Sword Five
Sword Six
Sword Seven
Sword Eight
Sword Nine
Sword Ten
Sword Maiden
Sword Knight
Sword Queen
Sword King

Spear Hallow
Spear Two
Spear Three
Spear Four
Spear Five
Spear Six
Spear Seven
Spear Eight
Spear Nine
Spear Ten
Spear Maiden
Spear Knight
Spear Queen
Spear King

Grail Hallow
Grail Two
Grail Three
Grail Four
Grail Five
Grail Six
Grail Seven
Grail Eight
Grail Nine
Grail Ten
Grail Maiden
Grail Knight
Grail Queen
Grail King

Stone Hallow
Stone Two
Stone Three
Stone Four
Stone Five
Stone Six
Stone Seven
Stone Eight
Stone Nine
Stone Ten
Stone Maiden
Stone Knight
Stone Queen
Stone King