Seeds sleeping in the Earth

Seed (image source: wikipedia)

Seed (image source: wikipedia)

New Seed Moon

Yesterday morning, as I walked to the station for my last day at work, nature was dressed in a white gown of hoar frost. Every twig, every fallen leaf was outlined in delicate silver. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

At this time of year, the Earth sleeps. As the northern hemisphere tilts away from the Sun, and the nights here are at their longest, the Mother is taking a well deserved rest. Today, at the New Moon, the sky is lit only by stars, and the world is at its darkest.

This is the womb time. The starlit time of sleep and dreaming. Seeds lie dormant in the Earth womb, waiting for the light to return. At the Solstice, something amazing will happen. The living seeds and roots of plants will react to that small increase of light, and about six or seven weeks from now the first plants will begin to grow and snow drops will flower.

But not yet. For now, it is time to rest. Time to let the darkness envelop us and to rest.

You may think I’m joking. Who has time to rest in the two weeks before Christmas? There is shopping to be done, and cooking to be planned. There is family to visit and parties to attend.

So true. And in my case, there are walls to paint, boxes to pack and films to edit.

But I intend to also make time to just sit in the dark and rest. Having finished my job, I need to take a moment to rest and settle, even amid boxes and upheaval. I need to travel into the dark to find the new light in its velvet depths. I need to sleep and to dream, questing for images that will sustain me when the seeds of my new life wake and start reaching for the Sun.

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