The great wave of being

Waxing Maiden Moon

The Westacre Project is a scary thing. It’s two house renovations, one more ambitious than the other. It’s a move across the country. It’s a complete life change. It’s a huge gardening task. And for me it’s also a new business idea that needs nurturing. When I start to think about all those aspects at once, I get a touch overwhelmed. It’s an ambitious thing for two people to take on.

Still, I believe and I have faith that we will do this, that I can do this. Deep inside of me a fire is burning that will get me to my destination. I have the power to create the life of my dreams.

This is a new thing for me. I have always had these grand dreams, and I could feel that fire burning inside me, but I could never put the two together. I could never work out how to draw on that fire and make it work for me.

Two things have changed. A year ago my life was taken apart to such an extent that there was nothing left except for that very fire deep, deep inside. And we have started working on this one project which is both bold and ambitious and at the same time achievable. I have a purpose like I never had in my life before. The beauty of it is that I’m not doing it on my own.waveofbeing

If you read back through this blog, you will find the story of my struggle with abdominal pain and how it stripped everything from me. The security of living in a body that was functioning well. The reality of being a teacher. The belief that my spirituality would heal me better than any medication. All these things fell away. All there was left was this single luminous thread of connection to the Divine. This feeling that I am still, and always will be, part of a greater reality, a drop in the Great Wave of Being.

It is that very connection to the force of Life itself that gives me power. Recently, as I have moved to Westacre and started giving the project my full attention, I have felt that great power sustain me. A year ago, it was something that I could only reach in the stillness, away from the demands of life. Now, it is accessible: I am the Great Wave of Being embodied as a human being. I feel that I can use it to help me create this new life, this dream of connection.

I send that power, that sense of purpose, out into the world. I use it to reach out to the spirits of Westacre, asking for their help and support. I use it to hold my Tribe, my extended family of Spirit, in my heart as it also searches for its greater identity and its purpose. I use it to pray that what I do will in some small way inspire someone else to create a life that is more deeply connected to our Earth and to Spirit.

Because we are all drops in the Great Wave of Being. We all have the power to envision and to create a world of connection where all beings support each other and allow life to flow freely, for the good of all.

Do you have a connection with your inner power, which is the power of Life flowing through you? How did you find that connection? What are you using it for? Please comment below.

image by J Hibbs

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