About Cauldron

All the things that inspire me on my journey around the Wheel of Life and into Spirit go into the Cauldron. I stir them all up and serve the broth to the unsuspecting visitor, hoping that they will get some nourishment from it.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about life and what it means and how all things are related, intimately connected by filaments that form the vast Web of Life. When I started my web site, Wheel of Life, about five years ago, all I wanted to do was share some of the things that I had discovered. I am still quite proud of that little site, but each page took more time to create than I generally have available. So I decided to start this blog.

The site and the blog are interrelated, two parts of a whole. The blog is peppered with links to the site, so that familiar flavour remains.

Over the years, people have contacted me because they felt inspired by the site. I hope that you will continue to be inspired by the things I throw into the cauldron. Now, you can comment on my entries and start a conversation straight away.

I look forward to meeting you.