So time to stop prevaricating. It's not like we've got a lifetime for this. The world is unravelling around us now. We need to learn to live in that unravelling world, using what we have left to best effect.

We have the Mother, so much power still within her. We have the more-than-human world, still filled with secrets and teachings. We have each other, still yearning for connection and community.

Together, we need to build a new world out of all that we can use, the debris of the old as well as the startlingly new and the ancient beyond memory. We have to create world that is life-affirming and celebratory. A world where everything can flourish.

We can't wait until the old world has died. We need to do it now, so we have a safety net when things come tumbling down.

And so we create communities that stand strong against the evils of the old world. We say prayers to keep those communities vibrant. We revitalise old connections and add new ones. We make a new world.

It starts with listening. Listening to our bodies, our hearts, and our guides. Listening to the more-than-human world around us, who by birthright are our brothers and sisters, our partners in world making.

It starts with dreaming. Dreaming a new world into being. If it were up to us, the community of all beings, how would this be done? What is stopping us from creating that now?

It continues with stripping bare. Leaving behind the things that were, the ways of being that no longer serve us. Throwing away what has been normal in a world of insanity, and reaching for our own healing in the flourishing of all things.


Creating new ways of living together at a Druid community camp.

And we act any way we can. We make a new kind of life for ourselves, in a new kind of home. We create human communities with many links to the more-than-human world. We defend our brother and sister creatures against the last violent gasps of the old world.

Many of us are doing this, right now. We are looking for better ways. We are creating this new world by the choices we make day by day. Of course we can do more. The task seems endless. But together, in community, we can go so very far.

Mine is just one story of new world building. If we add all our stories together, we can weave an epic. A creation story of a new beginning in the darkest of times.

Will you make this magic with me?