As I write this, I'm waiting to hear the outcome of my friend's court case in Brighton. This summer, he was arrested at Balcombe while protesting against fracking at the Cuadrilla drilling site. It's got me constantly refreshing Facebook, where another friend has been updating us.

My friend is passionate about the anti-fracking cause, and is working tirelessly to empower people to take action. Occasionally, he also visits the front line, and that day last Summer he was arrested.

I have been working with him to create a talk to inform Pagans around the UK about fracking, and the ways to oppose it. I am doing research for our first talk at the moment – while being grilled by my very rational husband, who won't let me get away with purely emotive arguments against the technology.

To be honest, I am riding on my friend's wave of enthusiasm. He has gathered a small group of Druid friends together and we are working to create a Pagan movement against fracking in the UK, with the occasional event that reaches out across the world. Without this supportive group of people, all I would be doing is sitting at home sharing the odd news story on Facebook.

As it is, I have been to visit the front line at Barton Moss, and in less than two weeks, I will be standing up in front of a group of Pagans in Oswestry, explaining how the costs of fracking far, far outweigh the benefits.

I have not been in a position where I was at any risk of being arrested. But I wouldn't overly be surprised if, riding on the support of our little group and my love for the land, I will one day put my body in front of a truck escorted by policemen. And it takes nothing but bad luck for someone to be snatched out of the line of protesters at random, and arrested on the accusation of obstructing the police.

The sad truth is that, at this moment in time, our world needs people who are willing to stand up against governments and corporations who will cause more damage to our environment despite the risks. The world also needs people who are willing to stand up against all kinds of social injustice.

Don't wait. Listen to the reaction of your body to items in the news. Join a tribe of people who are already addressing the cause you are passionate about. Let their support and the love for the world carry you. And let your voice be heard, your face be seen, your passion be felt.