Something significant appears to be happening. It has kind of come out of nowhere. Or perhaps I should have been expecting it. A lot of strands in my life are coming together and it feels as though something new is about to be born. Something that hasn't quite ever been before.

It dawned on me, for instance, that if I was going to engage people in a meaningful conversation about making magical connections with the world around them, I had better start making some of those connections myself. I committed to doing so more consistently and tell the story.

I volunteered to do some writing work for The Warrior's Call, my community of Pagans united against fracking. One piece is done and was well received. It will appear as a chapter in a book in the near future. Yet to come is a larger project that will help The Warrior's Call connect more meaningfully with people who want to get involved with what we do.

My spiritual community has asked me to take on a major space holding role for the next camp. This is an opportunity for me to do some of the things I feel called to do with my life. And an opportunity to give some other people the space to shine in their own right.

A week or so ago, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. My life is already quite full as it is, and these new demands were adding to my stress level. I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to fit it all in my head, let alone into my limited time. alien_egg_by_dhumeir-d4i60m8

Then, one night, I had a dream. It featured a stone egg I had acquired from the stall at a meeting for The Warrior's Call. So the next morning I took the egg into meditation with me. My guides showed me how to put everything that was on my mind into that egg. Doing so instantly brought me some peace.

I have continued to work with the egg, letting it hold worries and stressful thoughts for me. The egg is holding all of my life, the responsibilities I already had as well as these new commitments. My task now is to incubate it, to nurture and hold it. And to see what will be born.

It's exciting. I feel held and supported by the Earth – she is filled to the brim with life now, waiting to burst out at the first sign of warmer weather. I feel a new life coalescing inside that egg as I hold it. It won't be long before it hatches. It won't be long before I see its face.

(Image: Alien Egg by dhumeir on deviantart)