Every so often, I fall in love with life again. Suddenly, everything feels fresh and new, and I get excited just taking it all in.

This is one of those times. I don't know what it is. The time of year is helping, with Westacre's drifts of snowdrops promising Spring. But this could happen just as easily in the heat of Summer, or when the leaves take on glorious colours.

It might have something to do with it being my birthday. I like new beginnings. There is all of the potential and none of the disappointment. New beginnings make me feel positive.


And it's that positive feeling that gives me new eyes. Now, I can watch a patch of snowdrops as the sun hits them in the morning. As the frost melts on their green leaves and stems, they straighten themselves up and let their delicate heads bob in the slightest breeze. I can see fire caves in the stove, as the flames leave jewelled passages of glowing embers among the wood.

Taking time to notice and really see these things feels a little like making love. I take down some of my defences and let another being in. I let the essence of snowdrop and of fire touch me. I believe they feel my touch in return. These moments are filled with joy.

Just like being in love, this feeling won't last. I've had it often enough to know that it will fade into the ordinariness of everyday. I will still take time to notice and see life happening around me. My love for it never fades. But that frisson of excitement comes and goes. I will savour every moment while it is here.