Slowly, slowly, we are weaving a new world in the cracks of the old. Everywhere, people are coming together to make communities closely connected to the land. Last week, I had the honour of speaking at the Rainbow Druid Camp, where hundreds of people came together to celebrate and find inspiration. At the same time, not far away, White Horse Camps' Lughnasadh celebration started. I'll be joining them tomorrow.

In both of these gatherings, ritual takes a central role. Opening rituals turn a gathering of individuals into a community with each other and with the place where the camp is happening. At White Horse Camps, a large ritual to celebrate the festival of Lughnasadh is communally dreamed and created. Throughout the camps, other, smaller, rituals of exploration and magical manifestation take place.

In Druid circles and far beyond, rituals are being used as a tool in the process of weaving a new, more just and more connected world. Communities make closer connection through ritual. Groups like The Warrior's Call re-enchant the Earth in the fight against fracking. And individuals find their own place in the natural world in their private ceremonies.

Making ritual is setting aside a sacred time, a sacred space, to explore and deepen our relationship with Spirit through word and action. Ritual is prayer intensified by physical movement and the spoken word. It is spirituality given body and a voice. Anything we do within that sacred space weaves strong threads into the fabric of Life. Here we can plant a seed of intention, and have it blessed by Spirit.

[Ritual Toolkit]

This course will be available from 26 August 2014

With ritual, we can seed our intention of making a more connected world. Just the attention we invest in preparing our rite will draw the attention of the sentient world around us. The acts we perform in the ritual strengthen our resolve and create links that allow our intent to flow into the world beyond. If we are doing ritual with others, our bonds will be made stronger.

At the next New Moon, I will be launching Ritual Toolkit , a seven week course that teaches you the various tools to create your own rituals. Each week you will be introduced to tools that you can try out and practice as you go. At the end of the course, you will be ready to perform a ritual that is all your own and deeply meaningful to you.

It is my hope that through the different stages of making ritual, you will find your own connections with the world around you. That you will discover a personal way to communicate your soul song through those threads of connection. That, woven together, our rituals will re-enchant the Land.

For more information about Ritual Toolkit, follow this link.